Leah Wright, Founder, Byron to Noosa surf trip, 1970s


Welcome to Byron Rashie! Growing up in Byron Bay in a surfing family who migrated from the northern beaches of Sydney, the ocean has always been close to our hearts.  The shaping rooms at San Juan are a firm childhood memory... you never forget the fumes!


Byron Rashie came about because we wanted to stay in the sun longer, but we couldn't find a rashie with a hood... a hood that had a function and would protect from the sun and wind. So, basically, we went ahead and made one, and it kind of took off from there...

We're an ethical outdoor brand right here in Byron Bay. Byron Rashie employs local Australian businesses to cut and sew the garments, helping to grow a sustainable future for ourselves and those that work with us - we're all on this planet together, so where we can, we make a contribution to making our world a better place.

In 2016 we transitioned into using a new fabric that is made from regenerated pre and post consumer waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets. We're about to load a page going into the detail of the fabric, it's on the list. All garments using this fabric are marked as such.

Every few months we introduce a new product, print or colour that gives you a little more Freedom in the Sun.

Precious time outside in our amazing nature for you and the people you love.

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Byron Rashie's Uncle Syd, on the roof, shaping at McCoy, 1960s

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San Juan, Jonson Street, Byron Bay... 1970s